Christian Ed Classes at IHC

Our CE (Christian Ed) classes are a great way to grow in your knowledge of God's Word and what He has to say about the things we deal with in everyday life. Beyond that, our classes are designed to activate you, to get you beyond the "knowing" to the "doing". Since our classes are small groups, they provide the opportunity to connect and build relationships with others. 

Check out the list below and find the one(s) that works for you. Most classes are free with the option to buy a book. Childcare for infants-8 yrs. is provided for a small fee. If you need childcare, make sure to specify when you sign up for the class. 

Keep Your Love On  by Danny Silk

Wednesdays, beginning Sept., 13 6:30-8 pm

Keep Your Love On is an eye-opening DVD study that teaches what love looks like in all of your relationships, whether in marriage, work, family, community, etc. Danny Silk shows how to be a powerful communicator, how to connect with people and where to draw boundaries. This is a co-ed class for adults. Child care is provided.