Change for aid

Inver Hills Church is bringing Jesus to the Middle East, and you can be a part of it all!

Pastor Bart Thompson and church board member John Michael Dimond are traveling to the Middle East in May, where Pastor Bart has been invited to preach and teach. The highlight of the trip is a crusade where Pastor Bart will be sharing the Gospel to an arena full of people “eager to see the Light.” 

Only 50¢ will help one person to hear firsthand about the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ.


We want to send as many people as possible to that crusade through our Change for Aid fundraising campaign.

Multiple ways to donate

  • 1. Change Collection

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  • 2. Finacial donation

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  • 3. Virtual Garage Sale

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  • 4. Spaghetti Dinner

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Financial Gifts

-Give a gift of cash/check in offering envelope at church.
Please specify “CFA” on envelope

-Give online through our church app, or click the link below.
Select “other” and specify “CFA”

-Take home a CFA Giving Box and start saving your money and loose change. Bring it back to the church and donate to CFA

Give now

Virtual Garage Sales

April 1-3

We will have an online virtual "garage sale" using FBMP(FaceBook Market Place). Statistics show that most people have at least $250 worth of "stuff" in their home, right now, that they could sell and earn $250.

The weekend of April 1-3 we are asking everyone to participate in the FBMP event.  We will sell items that we have around the house through FB Marketplace and then donate the money earned to CFA. 

Spaghetti Dinner

April 9th

Come and join us for a delicious Spaghetti Dinner on April 9th and 6pm here at Inver Hills Church. 

Purchase your tickets to our spaghetti dinner fundraiser. *Space is limited

Tickets: $12/person with all proceeds going to CFA. 


Tickets for sale at the church March 27 & April 3 (cash, check or credit card), or

Tickets available at until April 3

*If available, remaining tickets will be sold at the door at the night of the event

Reserve Your Spot NOW